New Design Studio and Balloon Store!

We now have a design studio and balloon store located at 1122 Gratiot Blvd,  Marysville, MI Now you can come in and pick up your balloon bouquets. New offerings this year: -Elf on a Shelf in a "Magic Balloon" to keep it out of trouble until he's ready to start working. Bring in your Elf and let us put it into "Suspended Animation". -How about putting your gifts in a balloon? As long as it can put thru the opening, we can put it in a balloon. Best would be to bring in the item and we can decide together. -New Years Eve is booking fast, if you are having a party and want balloons call us and we will help you with your options.

Easter Balloon Decorations

Easter Photo Opportunity

Easter Balloon Decorations:

Easter 2016 is quickly approaching and I didn’t realize it was in March this year, for some reason I was thinking April and seems I’m not the only person. We were standing in the checkout line and the person behind me was saying the same thing, time is just flying. Do you have your Easter plans yet? Are you having a party? Did you say yes? Then why not consider an Easter Basket Photo Opportunity where the guests can stand in the basket and have their photos taken. The colors of the basket can be changed to suit your color themes. What about an 8’ carrot at the entrance to your party or as another photo opportunity. Don’t miss out, book by March 18th before we close out the calendar for the day.

EXTRA EXTRA!!! Santa makes an early visit

Santa decided to visit early this year and stopped at LaFontaine Family Group in Highland, MI for a special event.  There is still time for Santa to make a special visit to you, give us a call and let us know how we can help.  
This larger than life Santa is 8' tall.

This larger than life Santa is 8' tall.

Royal Baby Shower using Balloons

Royal Themed Balloon Baby Shower

The winter in Michigan, along with so many other states, this year was rough and we found ourselves very busy with Baby Showers this summer.  A popular idea is the castle theme and here's our version using balloons to create the towers.  Includes details like the turrets, flags, and chain to the bridge. There was a floor runner for the "bridge", but it was being put down right before the guest of honor arrived so we weren't able to photograph.   
Baby Shower Castle

Castle Theme Baby Shower - Balloon decoration entrance

Prom send off

Things have changed since I was in high school.  This past Friday I created a photo backdrop for a young lady heading to prom, it helped to bring the focus to the couple rather than the backyard and had her name at the top. The event was also a block party (saw 2 others on the next street) while I was setting up the family was setting up tables, drink coolers, and grilling.  I just remember Mom and Dad taking photos while we stood at the car, boom 5 minutes and we were done. Maybe it is the new way or maybe it was the neighborhood, either way
Outdoor columns with name - photo backdrop

Outdoor columns with name - photo backdrop

it looked like it was going to be a great time.